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Minecraft Mods

Check out these awesome Minecraft mods!

Made by GamerPotion, originally used in the DarkRPG modpack but now available for everyone to download and use.

DarkQuesting - 100+ advancement based quests

DarkBindings - 100+ recipes not found in vanilla

DarkRTP - A random teleport mod

DarkLoot - Get better drops from mobs

DarkMining - Get better drops from mining

DarkTides - Breath underwater

DarkFlight - Use a diamond shovel and get flight like a jetpack

DarkSpins - Use XP to spin casino wheels and get rewards

DarkCap - Cap your XP at 1000 to balance the game

DarkWooly - Use a diamond sword on sheep to get more wool/terracotta/concrete

DarkInventory - Keep your inventory after death

DarkMenu - Menu and Background from the DarkRPG modpack

DarkStarter - Receive starter items when you first login

DarkSpawn - Teleport to Spawn

DarkTimer - Clears dropped items to clear entity lag

DarkRewards - Item Rewards while playing

DarkHeads - Collect Player Heads

DarkMobs - Increase Mob Difficulty

DarkFeather - Craft Golden Feathers

DarkSmithing - Craft Smithing Templates (Trims)

DarkGlint - Special Enchantment Glint

DarkBlades - End Game Weapons, Armor & Tools

DarkSmelting - Smelt Armor, Tools and Weapons into ingots

DarkDeath - Player Kill Command

DarkBosses - Boss Advancements

DarkZoom - Simplest Zoom function

Happy Go Lucky - Randomly teleports everyone every 5 minutes

DarkOrb - Orb of Origin Recipes (For Origins mod)

Aqua Chidori - Water based origin (For Origins mod)

Air Chidori - Air based origin (For Origins mod)

Land Chidori - Land based origin (For Origins mod)

Dark Chidori - Magic based origin (For Origins mod)

Chidori Origins Collection - Collection of all 4 Chidori origins (For Origins mod)

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