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DarkRewards - Item Rewards

  Gives you a random item every 30 minutes while playing. See below for the full list.
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DarkRPG Fabric Server Banned Items

 Here is the list of items currently banned on the DarkRPG Fabric Official Server:-

DarkTimer - Clear Entity Lag

  Clears ground items every 10 minutes to help reduce entity lag

Air Chidori Origin - For Origins Mod

  An air based origin for the Origins mod

DarkSpawn - Teleport to Spawn or Lobby

  Teleport to spawn using a simple command. Fully customizable!

DarkStarter - Starter Items (Login Rewards)

  Receive items when you first log into Minecraft.

DarkInventory - Keep Inventory On

  Keep your inventory after death and not have to worry about losing your items ever again...