[Update] DarkRPG Modpack Version 4 - Roguebane Edition

Major Update! This takes DarkRPG to version 4 Roguebane Edition. View full article for more information.

To download for CurseForge client go here - https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/darkrpg
or Search for 'DarkRPG' in the CurseForge client modpacks search box.

To download for other clients like GDLauncher, you will need to import the zip file. To obtain the zip file, click on Files then click into the file name to make the 'Download' button show up.  If the import method is not working for you, follow this guide - https://www.gamerpotion.net/2022/05/how-to-manually-install-darkrpg-modpack.html

Got any queries? Post a comment on this YouTube video's comment section - https://youtu.be/BsMOK6TJs-g


Version 4.4.0
- Updated DarkBindings - added 27 new ore recipes, this takes the custom recipe count to 100+
- Updated ServerCore
- Updated SlotCycler - you can now turn this off in the modmenu config section
- Updated Open Parties and Claims
- Updated Xaero's Minimap and Worldmap
- Added Distinguished Potions mod
- Added Origins Umbrella

Version 4.3.9
- Updated Souls Weapons
- Added Slot Cycler - hold ALT to cycle vertical slots from your inventory (shown lower right corner). This makes it much easier to cycle through weapons and tools
- Changed default Hud Size to x3
- Added recipe for Runic Greathammer
- Added recipe for Hearthflame
- Added TooFast - This may help with server rubberbanding
- Removed Limited Chunkloading
- Changed global permissions on waystones

Version 4.3.8
- Updated DarkNinja
- Updated DarkTides
- Re-added Mythic Metals Casino

Version 4.3.7
- Updated DarkNinja
- Updated DarkTides

Version 4.3.6
- Updated Config Files
- Removed Mythic Metals casino due to server lag issues - Mythic Metal ore generation has been re-enabled

Version 4.3.5
- Updated DarkLoot - Creepers will now drop more items like firework rockets as well as tnt, flint, iron ingots and gunpowder
- Updated DarkQuesting - Added Netherite Ingots to the casino
- Added DarkNinja - place a Netherite item (sword, axe, pickaxe, hoe, shovel, block) in the offhand slot (press F) and gain various status effects. You will gain negative and positive effects so choose carefully.
- Added Cull leaves (requested) - this is different to the Cull Less Leaves mod
- Added ItemFlexer - use the command /flex with item in hotbar to show it to chat
- Added Ping mod so users can see their ping value on servers
- Added Spark
- Added Target Dummy
- Removed Mineral chance mod as its not working correctly
- Removed Diamond nuggets
- Removed Warden Tools due to log errors and crashes
- Removed XL Packets - this mod is not out on 1.19 and potentially may have caused modpack manifest issues
- Reset config files to clean up leftover files

Version 4.3.4
- Updated DarkTides
- Updated DarkLoot - mobs will now drop one guaranteed drop and one random drop
- Removed Cull Less Leaves due to error at startup and crashes
- Removed Entity Culling
- Removed Rain Be Gone Ritual due to error at startup and crashes
- Removed Player animation mod that was left over from Better Combat

Version 4.3.3
- Updated all existing mods to their latest versions
- Added Amethyst Imbuement - New update should fix few things that users had issues with
- Added DarkTides - Equip a Diamond Shovel in offhand slot to gain mermaid type effects such as water breathing, fast swimming and night vision. This also works well with the water based Origins like merlings which can now walk on land without damage.
- Changed durability viewer to not show on screen damage effects. Also changed durability viewer to show armor around the hotbar.
- Updated DarkLoot - Ender Dragon no longer drops items to help constant-farming. Also changed Zombie drops from Netherite sword to Diamond sword. Zombies also now drop Diamond Ores - this will be useful for people looking for Gleaming Powder since they can also get Redstone Ores from spiders.

Version 4.3.2
- Re-applied mod versions that were used in 4.2.8 to try and avoid random errors players are getting in the worlds - Amethyst Imbuement may be added at a later date once the next update is out with fixes
- Disabled Mythic Metal ore generation to lessen stress on servers. Singleplayers can enable this in mod menu options. Server users can use the Mythic Metals Casino to win random ore rewards
- Removed World Time - the game now launches in windowed mode by default and players can see the game time on their taskbars
- Removed Better Combat & Combat Roll due to server issues
- Added XL Packets
- Added Don't Drop It 

Version 4.3.1
- Updated Combat Roll
- Added Mythic Metals Casino Slot Machine - Stand on a Gold Block, alternate diamonds from hotbar to offhand (press F) and win random Mythic Metal ingredients. Cost is 10 diamonds per random reward. You will receive random ores from Mythic Metals and also some Orbs of Origins
- Changed Orb of Origin recipe to now require 8 diamonds and 1 slimeball
- Removed Amethyst Imbuement mod due to a glitch server users are having with absorption. Will try to add later on when fixed.
- Removed disabled recipes from singleplayer and private server pack. Only the online MMO server will have some disabled recipes.

Version 4.3.0
- Fixed Keybinds - ender pouch trinket key should now work properly and other conflicts also resolved
- Updated DarkBindings
- Updated DarkLoot
- Added Combat Roll - press R to roll/dash
- Added Mythic Metals
- Added Mythic Metals Decorations
- Added Werewolf Origin

Version 4.2.9
- Non public release
- Testing phase

Version 4.2.8
- Updated Better Combat
- Updated DarkRTP
- Updated Legendary Tooltips
- Updated DarkBindings
- Added DarkLoot
- Added Raw Quartz Block to Quartz recipe
- Added Colored Sand to Colored Glass recipes

Version 4.2.7
- Re-added Amethyst Imbuement with bugs fixed
- Updated DarkRTP mod

Version 4.2.6
- Fixed RTP issue not working with the '=' equals key

Version 4.2.5
- Removed Amethyst Imbuement mod due to server crash with EMI

Version 4.2.4
- Updated Simply Swords
- Updated Amethyst Imbuement
- Updated World Border
- Updated Villager Names
- Updated DarkBindings
- Updated DarkQuesting
- Added DarkRTP - use the command /trigger darkrtp to be randomly teleported by a dark mage. Pressing the '=' key will also perform the same command.

Version 4.2.3
- Added Amethyst Imbuement mod
- Updated starter items to only include 1 bowl item (rabbit stew)

Version 4.2.2
- Updated MC Story Mode Armors mod to latest version
- Added Connected Glass and Texture
- Added Emissive Ores
- Added Packet doubler for servers
- Added some custom recipes for Simply Swords (mjolnir, runic chakram, runic longsword, runic katana and stormbringer) - you can win Heart of the Sea item in the Casino spins
- Added Harvest Scythes (requested)
- Updated MMO Server RTP and Spawn commands. 

Version 4.2.1
- Updated all mods to latest versions
- Removed Simple Backpacks due to water bucket and other item bugs caused with void pack
- Removed Essential Command mod since server users cannot rtp
- Added RTP datapack - use '/trigger rtp' command or press the '=' equals key

Version 4.2.0
- Updated Modpack and Fabric to 1.19.2 - you can now enjoy new mod updates and bug fixes
- Updated all mods to latest versions
- Mythic mounts not added due to no 1.19.2 release yet
- Sculker origin mod replaced with another sculker origin mod as previous mod not out yet for 1.19.2
- All Exline equipment mods not added as they are not out yet for 1.19.2
- Origin Classes not added as no release yet for 1.19.2
- Added Majo's Broom mod to replace mythic mounts - contains flying broom and witch's outfit
- Added Simply Swords
- Added Better Combat mod
- Added Extra backpack mod (old one exists in the pack also)
- Added 2x chat report mods to help with reporting issues
- Added End origins
- Changed loading screen to use Dark Loading Screen - enabled 0 fade to boost loading speeds
- Any missing mods will be added when they become available for 1.19.2 - most of the 1.19 mods are included in this pack already.

Version 4.1.9
- Test version (no public release)
- Transition version from 1.19 to 1.19.2
- Restored Wings, Arcanus and Backpack mod from 1.19 to 1.19.2

Version 4.1.8
- Replaced Waystones mod with another one as a dupe bug was found
- Added LambDynamicLights mod
- Removed Mini Effects - EMI takes care of potion effects now
- Swapped starter items mod with Serilum's mod
- Removed ExtraSounds mod
- Updated all mods to latest versions
- Set FOV to default

Version 4.1.7
- Reverted back to 4.1.3 mod setup to analyze server lag issues
- Cleaned up keybinds for missing and duplicate keys
- Fixed world settings that lead to chunks refreshing in singleplayer

Version 4.1.6
- Updated Cosmetica to latest version
- Updated MC Dungeons Weapons to latest version

Version 4.1.5
- Reverted back to 4.1.3 setup till command errors can be resolved - removed better stats and xp obelisk mods
- Cleaned up keybinds for missing and duplicate keys
- Fixed world settings that lead to chunks refreshing in singleplayer

Version 4.1.4
- Updated all mods to latest versions
- Cleaned up keybinds for missing and duplicate keys
- Added Better Statistics mod - access from game menu
- Fixed world settings that lead to chunks refreshing in singleplayer
- Added XP Obelisk & its addon (requested)

Version 4.1.3
- Added Tooltip fix
- Added ExtraSounds - use the audio config section to change the volume sliders
- Added Entity Culling mod
- Changed Cull Leaves with Cull Less Leaves
- Updated all mods to latest versions
- Fixed Magic quests not showing as challenge quests
- Updated Complementary Reimagined Shaders to latest version

Version 4.1.2
- Fixed WTHIT hearts issue for large hp mobs which were overlapping - this now shows actual hp data
- Updated all mods to latest versions
- Enabled Souls weapons gun recipes that got disabled in previous update
- Fixed issue where curse of binding items can now be moved

Version 4.1.1
- Updated all mods to latest versions
- Updated Fabric to 0.14.9
- Updated DarkQuesting mod
- Added discord bot mod (serverpack users - configure the simple-discord-bot.toml in your config folder)
- Added Mod settings button mod - users now have more control over their mods in one easy place
- Added Mobs despawn mod

Version 4.1.0
- Updated all mods to latest versions
- Replaced REI with EMI
- Cleaned up config files and removed unused cloth config api
- Changed Tips mod, tips will not overlap hotbar in inventory screen anymore

Version 4.0.9
- Updated all mods to latest versions
- Added 43 Experience crafting quests to DarkQuesting - these can be done in any order and give Bonus XP to help with levelling

Version 4.0.8
- Updated DarkQuesting which fixes Oak Boat quest requirement issue

Version 4.0.7
- Updated all mods to latest version
- Added DarkQuesting
- Cleaned up old data files
- Updated chat box background back to default (50%)

Version 4.0.6
- Updated all mods to latest versions
- Added Polymorph mod
- Added DarkBindings mod
- Removed Village Bell recipe mod - already included in DarkBindings
- Restored Main Menu and Quest background to classic DarkRPG background
- Fixed some missing keybinds
- Removed Mob Origins due to data fixer error when loading game
- Removed Grounded Origins due to Apogli crashes when loading game
- Starter weapon changed to vanilla sword - you can still craft the Keyblade
- Added Advancement Plaques
- Added Equipment Compare
- Added Item Highlighter
- Added Legendary Tooltips

Version 4.0.5
- Test version (archived, do not use)

Version 4.0.4
- Fixed quests giving wrong reward quantities
- Updated all mods to latest update
- Updated Background images for Menu screens and Quests
- Added New Recipes - Cod to Rotten Flesh,  Smelt Diamond Blocks for 100xp + XP Bottles

Version 4.0.3
- Hotfix
- Fixed issue with Diamond economy mods crashing when loading
- Updated recipes

Version 4.0.2
- Hotfix
- Removed Withering Wabbajack recipe as it crashes game when used
- Updated all mods to their latest versions

Version 4.0.1
- Fixed Keep Inventory mod to not auto-use food in inventory
- Fixed Gleaming powder item availability
- Change REI setting to disable cheats that was left on in previous version

Version 4.0.0
- Updated Fabric version to 1.19
- Re-installed most of the mods from 1.18.2. Some mods may be missing due to them being very buggy in 1.19 and not worth releasing with them at this stage
- Re-configured questing system to now use Advancements. All quests and functions were written from the ground up. Press L in game to open advancements then click on the Recovery Compass icon to view quests.  The Casino quests are also in this section and so are the Magic wand and Extra quests. Instructions to the quests are all present in this section also.
- Added RPG Origins
- Added Cosmetics mod - configure your cape and other cosmetic/titles in customization options
- Added Biome mod
- Added Dark Souls weapons mod
- Added Bone, Emerald, Amethyst, Obsidian and Warden armor and tools
- Added the Keyblade weapon - also now a starter weapon
- Added RPG Stats - press I in game to view your stats. Levelling each stat will give you special bonuses. It should show you in the chat what the upgrade is.
- Updated Recipes
- Updated all configs for mods
- Swapped Flan claiming mod with Open Parties and Claim (OPAC) mod.  You should be able to make claim from the world map - press M and right click.
Note: Server users and single world users - if you are coming from 1.18.2 then make sure to backup your existing worlds as some mods will either be missing or newly added and may conflict. It is recommended to do a full wipe to get the best experience on the new update.

Version 3.2.3
- Updated Spoorn and API mod
- Disabled Telekinetic Shock spell and removed spellbook from Mage quest
- Balanced Icarus config stats - This should improve chunk load lag

Version 3.2.2
- Updated all mods to latest version
- Fixed AdventureZ config

Version 3.2.1
- Updated all Serilum mods to latest versions
- Fixed Lava bucket quest and some advancement based quests to require item submissions
- Removed Environmental armor mod due to frequent server crashes caused by titanium ore generation
- Updated Things config

Version 3.2.0
- Added Things trinkets mod
- Added Random Ring mod
- Added Random Ring to Casino Coin Machine rewards
- Added Things Trinket rewards to the new Casino Toy Machine
- Updated all mods to latest versions
- Version formatting has changed and will now follow a Firefox style version number format to help keep track of changes easily.

Version 3.1g1
- Hotfix
- Updated Starter Items mod
- Updated Config files
- Fixed Video settings that were changed previously

Version 3.1g
- Updated Backpack mod
- Updated Iris Shaders
- Added Mounts quests and store to Extras section - Disabled for MMO Server players
- Fixed missing quest items due to removed mods

Version 3.1f1
- Hotfix
- Removed Void totem mod due to crashes
- Updated Casino loot - this now gives different items rather than all mounts. Mounts are still available in game where you have to tame them in the wild.
- Updated Axes are weapons config
- Updated REI settings

Version 3.1f
- Added Sculker Origin
- Added Axes are weapons
- Updated Servercore config to make servers run faster - delete servercore.toml in config folder to set options to default
- Updated Icarus option to use sneak to land safely while flying
- Added Vertical Slabs
- Removed Chat filter
- Removed Fixed Anvil Repair mod

Version 3.1e
- Fixed hud to show armor details near hotbar again
- Added Controlling - Keybinds sorting is now made easier
- Assigned 3rd and 4th Origins Keys - Use G,H,B,N  as the 4 Origin power keys
- Added Servercore/rtp for server pack users.
- Added localhost ip to MMO section for Server Pack localhost users

Version 3.1d3
- Hotfix
- Cleaned up recipes that still had links to MobZ items

Version 3.1d2
- Minor Update
- Changed Sky Quests - Moved repeatable quests to different section but made their rewards a requirement for the quest chain
- Updated Backpack mod to latest version
- Updated Xaero's World Map to latest version

Version 3.1d1
- Made balance changes to The Xchange quests. Everything now requires Advancements to be completed before you can start the repeatable quests.
- Removed datapack recipes for Diamonds and Spawn Eggs
- Cleaned up Config files

Version 3.1d
- Added Origins Environmental Armor - this adds Titanium that can craft Origin based items. Craft items such as Titanium armor, glass bowl helm (breath on land), sunscreen, magic gauntlets
- Added Titanium Ingots and Glass to The Xchange
- Updated Extra Origins mod
- Removed Eldritch mobs and More Villagers due to crashing issues
- Removed Better Advancements, Clumps, Custom Crosshair, Magnum Torch due to other mod conflicts and crashes
- Updated server pack config to make server run faster

Version 3.1c
- Updated all mods to latest versions
- Added Extra Classes for Origins mod
- Added Mo's grounded Origins - This adds 4 new origins to the pack
- Removed Miners Helmet recipe as NBT crafting no longer exists
- Removed VMP mod and Max Health Fix mod due to conflicts and possible player data corruption
- Added Apple to Emergency Items in Quest section - Press I then click icon on top right corner
- Added Beetroots and Beetroot Soup rewards to Quests and The Xchange Food Court

Version 3.1b2
- Removed Bucolic Origins due to bug with constant levitation and origin powers

Version 3.1b1
- Updated all mods to latest versions
- Fixed issue with Stacker mod - Shulkers and Backpacks will no longer stack

Version 3.1b
- Updated all mods to latest versions
- Added Connectivity mod
- Removed Timeoutout mod since its conflicting with Connectivity
- Added Item Model Fix
- Added RPG Resource Pack - This will be the default pack used in 1.19
- Added Max Health Fix
- Added Tool Leveling mod - craft the Tool Leveling table to get higher enchantments

Version 3.1a
- Minor update
- Added Waystones 
- Updated rest of mods to their latest version
- Cleaned up config files

Version 3.1
- Major update - this update fixes possible lag issues caused by mods such as MCA and fixes some broken things
- Replaced Backpack mod. Backpacks no longer lose items when player dies.
- Added Leather backpack materials to Extra quest reward and Copper backpack to The Xchange.
- Removed Bag of Holding
- Removed MCA mod - Servers and single player games should run 10% faster than before as there will no longer be MCA entities causing lag. MCA villagers will also not crash servers (especially when standing still) and servers will not experience random resets when village raids occur. MCA mod is currently not stable as of today's version. It may be added in the future when all its lag-bugs have been fixed.  Server users - if you are updating, inform your players about MCA removal and Backpack swap so players don't lose items.
- Added Blockus
- Added Villager Names
- Added Villager Respawn mod
- Added Void Totem
- Added Gender mod - Press K to open up gender menu
- Added extra Shaders to the pack. Apart from Sildurs Vibrant, you can now use Sildurs Default and Complementary-Reimagined shaders
- Balanced item requirements in The Xchange such as Netherite/Netherite Equipment rewards (which will require more items to claim)

Version 3.0f
- Added Diamond Economy mod - use /diamonds to deposit, withdraw and also send other players diamonds. Currency pouch accepts diamonds and diamond blocks and will use the $ symbol
- Added Diamond Chest Shops mod - use /diamonds chestshops for the instructions in-game
- Added Diamond Auction house - use /auc to open auctions. Highlight an item and use /auc 10 and it will place that item on auction for 10 Diamonds. Change 10 for other values.
- Added Fuzs_ enchantment mods and Fuzs_ Bag of holding mod. The pack should now contain most of Fuzs_ mods
- Added more phrases to Chat filter
- Replaced Phosphor with Starlight
- Added Ferritecore

Version 3.0e
- Removed duplicate Architectury API and Cloth Config files
- Replaced Copper Equipment mod
- Added several server-side performance mods (requested)
- Added Cull leaves mod
- Re-added Full Bright client-side mod - use Shift + G
- Added Chat filter mod

Version 3.0d1
- Hotfix and QoL update
- Added Bucolic Origins (requested)
- Added Keep Inventory mod (this is turned on by default on singleplayer and multiplayer, disable it via Mod Menu config if required)
- Removed Full Brightness mod (requested)
- Removed MobZ as it was identified a possible source of server lag
- Cleaned up quest rewards and submission requirements
- Added Vegetarian options to Food rewards at The Xchange (requested)

Version 3.0d
- Removed Genesis origins mod as its Golem origin breaks the game where players cannot respawn after dying
- Removed Double Doors mod due to trap door issue
- Added Furnace Recycle mod
- Added Anvil Restoration mod - use iron ingots to repair and obsidian to break
- Added Full Brightness mod - use Shift + G to toggle nightvision.
- Added Mineral Chance mod - Find hidden items when mining
- Added Recast (fishing) mod

Version 3.0c1
- Hotfix and QoL update
- Updated Flan claim-buy max amount bonus to 10k (previously 5k)
- Added Roughly Enough Professions (QoL requested)
- Added Double Doors mod (QoL requested)
- Added Netherite Ingots to The Xchange
- Nerfed Netherite repeatable gear cost in The Xchange. Each piece of gear will now cost a Block of Diamond and Copper.
- Fixed Keybinds
- Fixed Loading screen when booting in Windowed mode

Version 3.0c
- Set Orb of Origin stack size to 64
- Enabled Flan buy-claim option -  use /flan buyBlocks x  with x being the number of extra blocks you want to purchase. Maximum buy is 5000, so you will have initial 5000 blocks and can purchase 5000 more (bonus). Currency for this is Gold Blocks but buy rate is set to 0.5.  Example: you can buy 1000 claim blocks for 500 Gold Blocks (using the command /flan buyBlocks 1000 )
You can also sell back your bonus claims and receive Gold Blocks. The sell rate is also 0.5.
- Added Gold Ingots to The Xchange

Version 3.0b1
- Hotfix update to fix some server errors and origin issues.
- Added datapacks folder that went missing in previous release
- Removed Mythical origins due to errors seen in server consoles
- Removed Voice chat mod due to server crashes
- Removed Hoverpets - will add when author releases version with config file to disable floating heads that can affect servers
- Cleaned up Quests and added items.

Version 3.0b
- Fixed stacking issues with Arcanus items
- Added Copper Armor and Tools
- Re-added Merchant Markers now that its out for 1.18.2
- Removed Medieval Origins - there is a bug with the flying origins which has not been fixed
- Added Genesis Origins
- Added Mythical Origins
- Added Styled Nicknames
- Added Voice chat mod (requested) - use V to open voice options,  use Left-Alt for push-to-talk, use "[" to mute mic and "]" to disable voice chat.

Version 3.0a
- Fixed issue that allowed item dupes
- Added command key mod - you can now press "K" to open the /mca editor menu
- Added Show Me What You Got mod - Press CTRL + T in inventory to share items in chat
- Updated Fabric API mod file
- Updated Main questlines so that each chapter needs to be completed before proceeding to the next one.

Version 3.0
- Updated game version to 1.18.2 - the official server has also been updated to 1.18.2
- Updated all mods to latest versions - MCA mod has a new feature for player customization. Use  /mca editor to change your character details if required.
- Custom Crosshair mod is now added - use the grave/tilde key ( `)  to open the crosshair menu.
- Changed Data Loader to Global Datapacks mod - Custom recipes all work fine in singleplayer. For serverpack users, get the Datapacks folder from serverpack file and copy into your world folder.
- Added MC Story Mode Armors - MC Dungeons Armor and Weapons mod also updated.
- Added Packet Size Doubler
- Added Tips mod - you can now see Minecraft tips when loading into worlds and in the options screens
- Replaced stacking mod with Stacker
- Removed Figura as its not working with MCA fully (may be added later if its working again)
- Removed Companion bats as its not out for 1.18.2
- Fixed a few quests and their rewards to make things balanced.

Version 2.9
- Cleaned up Quests and The Xchange titles/description. Water Protection III is also now available from the medium difficulty quest chapter rewards.
- Changed Global Data mod to Data Loader mod as Global Data mod is no longer supported on 1.18.1 (The extra recipes still work as normal) 
*Serverpack users - make sure to place the Darkrpg_Extra folder found in the config\datapacks\  into your World\datapacks\  folder after you create a world to get custom recipes for your worlds*
- Added Steel to the game. You can now purchase Steel Ingots from The Xchange and craft steel weapons, tools and armor
- Added Miners Helmet recipe (thanks Rav)
- Added more Figura avatars
- Added keybind (Shift + R) to show block recipes. Look at a block and press Shift+R to see the recipe.
- Added More Villagers mod 
- Added 3D Skins mod
- Added Decorative Blocks mod

Version 2.8h
- Added Diamond Nuggets mod
- Added Iron Ingots to The Xchange -  these will be traded for Diamond Nuggets
- Added Emeralds to The Xchange - these will be traded for Diamond Nuggets
- Added basic Animal Spawn eggs to The Xchange - these will be traded for Emeralds. Crafting recipes for Animal Spawn eggs have also been added (thanks Rav)
- Cleaned up more quests that may have caused submission issues
- Added Water Protection I and II enchant to Easy quest chain rewards (fish quests). Added Water Protection IV to The Xchange (uses Emeralds to purchase and is repeatable).  Origins that are hurt from water and rain can now use Umbrellas and Water Protection enchantments.
- Added Rotten Flesh conversion items to The Xchange such as Bones, Spider Eyes and Raw Fishes - you can now convert these into Rotten Flesh which can then be used to convert into Diamonds.
- Added additional Figura models.
- WorldEdit wand has been changed to a Golden Shovel (previously Wooden Axe)

Version 2.8g
- Added Health Overlay mod that shows multiple colored hearts based on the number of heart lines in HUD
- Added Amecs - you can now use Shift/Alt + keys in keybinds. Some keys have already been set up.
- Fixed issue with Spoorn Bounty mod where text was missing due to Figura mod conflict
- Cleaned up config folder from redundant files
- Updated Spoorn Starter Items mod
- Added Origins Umbrellas - You can now obtain an Umbrella and some dyes from The Xchange or you can craft one as well

Version 2.8f1
- Hotfix release - this fixes some quests that users have complained to be bugged
- Fixed Block quests, most block related quests should now require the blocks to be broken including dirt
- Change few item quests to submit them instead of having in inventory
- Fixed lava bucket quest by changing to the Advancement requirement instead
- Added Copper Ingots to The Xchange
- Changed Dragon Scale quest requirements in The Xchange from Gold to Copper Blocks. You can farm Diamonds using Rotten Flesh from Zombie drops, then convert into Copper Ingots which can be crafted into Copper Blocks. Dragon Scales can now be fully obtained by farming zombies
- Personal server users - just upload/overwrite the 'config' folder from server pack zip file and restart your server.

Version 2.8f
- Fixed Item gathering quests for block items. Blocks are now required to be broken to complete the quests.
- Added Figura mod (few skins are included in the pack, credit to the creators from Moonlight Discord. Get more avatars from the Moonlight Discord)
- Added 33 new recipes (thanks to Rav for making these). This takes the custom recipe count to 55.
- Removed VoidZ due to constant server crashing
- Updated Boss quests

Version 2.8e
- Added Expanded Storage
- Added Simple Crates
- Added Storage Cabinet
- Added Nbt Crafting
- Added Global Data & Resourcepacks (Custom Recipes are now included thanks to Rav. View the images section for the modpack to see the recipe screenshots)
- Added Vanity Slots
- Fixed Shield banner issue
- Removed Simple Backpacks mod
- Updated The Xchange to now offer storage options.

Version 2.8d
- Added Inmis Backpacks (requested) - these go into your trinkets slot. You can now press B to open up your backpack on the go.  Changed backpack quest reward to give recipe items instead (dirt quest from GamerPotion's Extras). 
- Added Mob Origins
- Added Lenient Stack Size (requested) - some vanilla items should stack better and hopefully fix potion stack issues. Orb of Origin now also stacks (thanks Rav)
- Added Shulker Box Tool Tips mod
- Fixed issue with hearts not depleting on enemies when hit on the WTHIT bar.
- Gave Magic its only quest chapter. You can now win better wands and the enchanting infuser from this quest chain.

Version 2.8c
- Added Icarus Mod - this adds a new origin with wings. Due to this origin being overpowered, it is disabled on the MMO server but enabled in singleplayer and the serverpack for people running their own servers. The wings can still be crafted on the MMO server.
- Added Wings Quest line (thanks Rav)
- Added Spoorn Bounty Mobs
- Added Eldritch Mobs
- Added Rain Be Gone Ritual - you should be able to stop rain with this
- Added New entry to Casino quests - You can now obtain 3 additional items (orb of origin, slimeball, snowball) for 1x Diamond.

Version 2.8b3
- Updated Backpack mod - this removes the dupe glitch. Backpack is now required to be on off-hand to use. The simple backpack mod may be changed into another backpack mod in the future.
- Added new chapter in quests called The Xchange - you can now directly submit diamonds for loot crate rewards and convert rotting flesh for diamonds. You can also convert your backpack into shulker boxes
- Added Emergency items in quest options. You can get some essential items (wooden sword, pickaxe, fishing rod, food) every 2.30 mins.

Version 2.8b2
- Updated server mods to latest versions
- Added item QoL mod
- Updated Casino quest loot chance rates to give better chance of winning mounts

Version 2.8b1
- Added Magic Quest chain to the Extras chapter - you can now get wands and spell rewards. (Thanks Rav_115 for the commands!).
- Included Sildurs Vibrant Shaders (medium version) to the pack. Enable this in Video Settings (turned off by default)

Version 2.8b
- Added server improvement mods (Krypton, Too Fast mod, and other mods similar to Random Patches)
- Added Fast Leaf decay mod (requested)
- Added Trinkets slots

Version 2.8a
- FTB Chunks is unstable and crashes server after increase in data every so often... This has now been replaced by Flan (as seen in previous versions of the modpack). Use a Golden Hoe to claim (up to 5000 blocks) and a wooden stick to see claims.  You should receive both automagically from the Diamond quest reward if you are playing on the MMO server.
- Added Adorn furniture mod again
- Added Appleskin (requested)
- Added Xaero's Minimap and Worldmap mods (you can share cords again!)
- Changed starter Fishing quests requirements to submit caught fish instead of hunting them.

Version 2.8
- To popular demand, some things were restored that got taken out recently
- MC Dungeon mods are back in (but previous versions) - Do Not Manually Update this! it will break your game and servers. Keep it at the current version as per the modpack
- Removed other armor and weapon mods that were replaced by MC Dungeons again
- Added Dragon Loot mod
- Removed Dark Enchanting due to errors it was causing it other mods such as Arcanus
- This release should be more stable now

Version 2.7e
- Upgraded Fabric version to latest release version
- Added Enchantments Lore Mod - view enchantment books to read its lore
- Added Dark Enchanting Table - use REI to see its recipe
- Added all SmushyTaco Enchanting mods - add additional enchantments to weapons and armor
- Added Fabric Enchantments - Even more enchantment books to use
- Removed Sword Blocking mod
- Added ClientTweaks mod - shield is now hidden when not holding a weapon

Version 2.7d
- Fixed file versions that should have gone into 2.7c
- Added Sword mods
- Added Axes mods
- Added more Armor mods
- Added Shield mod

Version 2.7c
- Updated all mods to latest versions. Note: Previous versions will not work on the MMO Server
- Added furniture mods (Architect's palette & Adorn)
- Added Armor Poser - more options for Armor stands! Create mini Armor stands also.
- Added FPS Reducer mod - used to show FPS counter
- Added World Clock mod - shows game and real world time
- Added Disenchanting mod
- Added Fuzs_ status effects mod - customise this in config folder. Status effects now load on left side in inventory
- Added Sword Blocking - block with shield in slot to see blocks done with sword
- Removed Chat Cords mod (no more server spamming,  chat cords can be typed manually in chat as well)
- Removed KronHud & Sodium Extra (not required and game works faster now without them now after testing)
- Removed Inventory Hud and replaced with Giselbaer's durability mod. Game runs faster now.
- Re-worked entire Quest chains. Removed dependencies for MC Dungeon weps/armors. Mounts are now winnable from the Creeper Casino.  Also added repeatable quests and loot crates.
- Removed MC Dungeon Wep and Armor mods as their new updates were breaking the existing worlds and servers due to ID changes in the mods.

Version 2.7b
- Cleaned up starter quests. Quest chain now begins with crafting table and progresses into wooden axe quest.
- Added more spawn mods (giant zombies, husks, skeletal horses and more)
- Added Fishing quest chain. These are repeatable. Use fishing rod to catch fish, submit fish and get random rewards then repeat.
- Added Campfire mods (heal near campfire, and mobs stay away from campfires)

Version 2.7a
- Added Fuzs_ mods (Utility mods) - crafting table, enchanting, villager trading, etc
- Added Patchouli

Version 2.7
- Semi Major Update
- Updated all mods to their latest versions. (Do not update MC Dungeons or Mount mods as it could break your existing games)
- Added some more QoL mods
- Added Villager icons mods. See what profession a villager is with the icons over their heads
- Added Fancy tooltips for high-tier items
- Added Whats that slot mod. Hold Left-ALT on an empty slot to see what items can be placed in that slot.
- Updated config for MMO Server to ban chunk-claiming in The End and The Nether.

Version 2.6f
- Patched egg spawn issue (mount quests should be working as normal now)

Version 2.6e
- Added anti-exploit mods

Version 2.6d
- Tweaked starter items to included leather boots and snowballs
- Improved quest rewards. Changed orb rewards to individual items for 10x reward quest so it doesn't fill up inventory
- Fixed boss quest icons on quest page
- World Border is now 20k all directions.

Version 2.6c
- MMO Server world got fully corrupted. Cause unknown :( sorry. New world is better now...
- Replaced Flan with FTBchunks, enjoy :)
- Added starter item for new joiners
- FTBchunks replaces Xaero's maps. Use the 'N' key to share your coordinates in chat
- Tweaked some quests for better rewards

Version 2.5b
- Updated all mods to latest versions
- Added MobZ (more mobs)
- Added KronHud - press Right-Shift and enable widgets. You can enable the scoreboard widget and resize it in the MMO server now
- Added Arcanus mod for more magic
- Added Target Dummy

Version 2.5a
- Hotfix
- Fixed a bug where Phantoms were suffocating when using their powers because of the Lithium mod. If you are running version 2.5 and dont want to update, then open lithium.properties file in the config folder and add  mixin.entity.collisions.suffocation=false  at the bottom of it, then save and close.

Version 2.5
- A semi-major update. You may not be able to join the MMO server with lower versions.
- Updated all mods to their latest versions
- Added a lot of Origins (back by popular demand). Increased Orb rewards from quests.
- Added backpacks. Use REI recipe to see how to craft one.
- Re-added MCA mod again.
- World Border remains at 10k.
- Block claim mod also remains the same.
- MMO server difficulty has been changed to Hard now.

Version 2.4f
- Updated Server with improvements and new IP (MMO server will not work on previous versions)

Version 2.4e
- Added WorldEdit
- Doubled the size of world borders. Overworld & The End are now set to 10k (previously 5k). Nether is 1250. If running your own server then configure 'worldborder-fabric.json' in the config folder.

Version 2.4d
- Added blocks claiming mod. Use a Golden Hoe to claim 20 blocks. Use a stick to see who owns the area. With 20 claimed blocks you can fit 3 double chests. Use /flan command to delete your claims.
- Updated Easy Quest chain to now include a stick and golden hoe reward.

Version 2.4c
- Fixed Hard questline bug where advancement name was not showing (thanks ActuallyKeron)
- Added Bounty Quest chains.

Version 2.4b
- Fixed dandelion quest with kill-entity quest
- Fixed some more quest requirements
- MCA mod removed due to interact and trades missing bug - will add if and when it becomes more stable
- Game should feel more stable now

Version 2.4a
- Added World Border. If running your own server then configure 'worldborder-fabric.json' in the config folder. Default border values set to 5000.
- Updated all mods to latest versions

Version 2.4
- Test Phase
- Several new quests causing issues so have been removed.

Version 2.3e
- Added Client-side visual mods
- Added Chat heads
- Added Held Item Info
- Added Item Borders
- Added Item Highlighter

Version 2.3d
- Added some client-side QoL mods
- Added Attack indicator
- Added 3rd Person Crosshair for those who want to play in 3rd person
- Added Advancement Plaques
- Added Enchantment Information mod
- Added new quest for new users having difficulties with origins. If you pick a Feline for example and want to change your origin then just kill any entity in the world and you will get some Orbs of Origin to allow changing of your Origin and Class. Blazeborn origin already get 1 from spawning in the nether.

Version 2.3c
- Updated all mods to latest versions
- Added a new quest chain for mounts. Press [i] and go to the Chocobo Tales quests on the left slider menu to win different mounts. You will receive 5 eggs for each mount and saddles.

Version 2.3b
- Added Better Third Person mod
- Added FPS counter (top right corner)
- Cleaned up some more quests and invalid reward items.

Version 2.3a
- Removed some server based mods that may have been causing constant crashes. Sever should be more stable now. This applies to the server pack as well. (After 24 hours of testing there were 0 crashes online).
- Starter village no longer is included as it was also a culprit of server disconnects and crashes.

Version 2.3
- Another major overhaul.
- Removed some(quite a few) interfering mods. Server should be more stable now(hopefully)
- Quests have been updated
- Starter items removed with emphasis on questing. Do the quest chains to get better items!
- Zoom button changed to "C" now.
- If you want lots of mods then check out version 2.2 but note that MMO will not work with that and it might be an unstable version (use for singleplayer only).

Version 2.2
- Added Player attributes mod. View RPG type attributes and combat stats, press E and click the relevant tabs
- Added Awesome ocean dungeon mod
- Added Terralith mod again
- Changed mipmap level to x1
- Tested GUI scales, you should be able to play this in scales 1-4 if required. 2 is optimal but 4 also works.
- Changed a few of the Vampire quests. Being a Vampire origin is now more forgiving. You get more Orb or Origin drops as well as cow and pig spawn-eggs to feed from.
- Note: older versions will not work on the MMO server.

Version 2.1d
- Added Awesome Dungeon Mod again
- Tweaked performance to give more fps in Singleplayer and Multiplayer
- Added Fast Furnace mod
- Added Fast Chest mod
- Added Too Fast mod
- Removed Ksyxis
- Fixed server pack showing mouse wheelie messages

Version 2.1c1
- Removed FTB Chunk and Ranks as they were causing extremely low tps online.
- Re-added Xaero's minimap and world map
- Updated remaining mods to latest updates.

Version 2.1c
- Added FTB Chunks (you can now claim chunks in the game) (MMO server will be limited to 2-5 chunks)
- Added teams - you can now add other players to your team who can access your claimed chunks
- Removed Terralith, Awesome dungeon mod and Xaero's map mods due to conflicts
- RPGStats now has a hotkey, press "[" to view your stats
- Removed Dramatic skies and fabric skies mod due to underwater glitch.
- Changed Video settings to grant more fps

Version 2.1b1
- Removed 2 disabled mods from pack

Version 2.1b
- Fixed keybind conflicts
- Fixed recipe conflicts. New mod added to show different craftable items with same recipe items (thanks RazDarkerss)
- Fixed starter items duplications (removed some books).
- Changed inventory sorter mod. It is much simpler now (sort method set to category, can be changed in Mod Menu section).

Version 2.1a
- Fixed quests not registering properly. Thank you to server players to pointing this out.
- Updated all mods to latest version.

Version 2.1
- Public release - Roguebane Edition
- Updated all mods to latest versions
- Added DarkRPG server. Go to MMO from main menu to play online with others and your friends.
- Added majority of Serilum mods
- Added several performance mods
- Added Structures (Instant build a structure. You will start with blueprints for your house)
- Added Villager mod (you can now interact, marry, make friends with villagers. Normal trading stays the same)
- Changed GUI scale to x2 to give better room on screen
- Changed Graphics to "fast" options to improve performance
- Removed Rainbow XP bar
- Added Tiny PVP Swords & Tools pack
- Added Bits and Chisels mod
- Added Architects Palette mod
- Reset Minimap back to square
- Added FPS counter (top right corner)
- Balanced starter items. You now start with lower tier gear. Complete the quests (Press [i] or use Quest book) to win better gear and items.
- Added Hoverpets. Complete the starter quests to get your first Fox Hover pet.

Version 2.0b
- Non-public version
- Mod loading (Complete)
- Testing Singleplayer (Complete)
- Testing Server Pack (Complete)

Version 2.0a1
- Hotfix: This fixes a major issue with the Phantom origin suffocating while going through objects. (Thank you razdarkers for pointing this out).

Version 2.0a
- Updated all mods to latest versions
- Fixed invisible wolves (removed better dogs pack)
- Added Better Beds resource pack (we have 3D pillows now, yay!)
- Fixed quest items and spellings (remember to press [i] or view quest book for quests)
- Quests: You can now gain 2x Orb of Origins. First one is in the easy quest chain. Second is in the Extra Quests chain. The orb can be used to change your origin and classes in-game.

Version 2.0
- Major Update
- Updated All mods to latest versions
- Updated Fabric version to latest
- Revamped the Questing system. Open the Quest Book or Press i to open the quests page. Choose from the left side menu for different quest categories(easy, hard, etc). Click into each quest icon to view its requirements. Once a quest is complete, you can click its icon for the rewards or use the right-hand-side icon to grab multiple rewards.
- New Quests will be added later in major updates.

Version 1.9
- Non public-release version
- Started work on adding quests
- Added Vampire quest chain

Version 1.8
- Updated Fabric to latest version
- Updated All mods to their latest versions
- Tweaked crosshair
- Tweaked Minimap to make it feel more RPG-like. Press Y to configure.
- Fixed keybind conflicts (G: Origins Ability, CTRL+G: Origins Second Ability, O: View your Origin & Class) View keybinds in menu section for more details.

Version 1.7e
- Added Villager Names (see screenshots in Images section)
- Spawn point set to Villages. You will now always spawn inside or near a village in a new game
- Worlds will generate much quicker now
- Tweaked Crosshair
- Tweaked REI menu and made it much neater

Version 1.7d
- Updated all mods to the latest versions
- Switched to Dramatic Skybox (previously Real Skybox). User experience will feel more immersive now

Version 1.7c
- Updated all mods to the latest versions
- Applied fixes
- Tweaked Crosshair (Press [ ` ] or [~] Key to customize)
- Added Boat Hud

Version 1.7b
- Updated all mods to the latest versions
- Added more animals mods
- Added advancement mods
- Added some QoL mods
- Added new classes
- REI will now show weather & gamemode toggles

Version 1.7a
- Added Animals mod
- Starter gear now includes a bow and arrows
- Swapped Coral blade with a Katana.
- Added backpacks. Open as normal and store items into it.

Version 1.7
- Updated all mods to their latest versions
- Added Vampire origin, choose vampire on a new playthrough (shift+right click to siphon from enemies).
- Added Magic Wands mods.
- Changed starter weapons. The Hawkbrand is no longer usable from start. Instead, you will get a magic wand, an empty mana flask, and a Magic spellbook. The rest of the spellbooks will have to be discovered as you play. Read the book to learn the spell and fill the flask by sneaking with the flask. Perform the spells with the wand to attack. Coral Blade is also included in the inventory to balance the game. You can swap between Coral Blade and Wand to have a battle mage playstyle (or craft your own weapons).
- LambBetterGrass mod was removed as it was not compatible with the latest version of Fabric.

Version 1.6a
- Added Friends&Foes Mod
- Updated Iris Shaders to latest version
- Updated Awesome Dungeon for oceans mod.

Version 1.6
- Updated few more mods to newer versions
- Added Awesome Dungeon mod
- Added Awesome Dungeon for oceans mod
- Added Target Dummy mod
- Switched OK Zoomer to WI Zoom (Press V to zoom)
- Added Menus Blur mod
- Added Discord mod
- Added Client Tweak mod
- Added 3rd Person Crosshair (you can now play in 3rd person and have a crosshair showing)
- Added Mythic Mounts mod

Version 1.5f
- Updated BCLib to fix Nether issues (Thank you ChrisClark13 for pointing this out!)
- Updated Better Nether mod
- Updated few more mods to their latest versions.

Version 1.5e
- Added Companion Bats (equip from action bar, Shift+click on bat in action bar to see its details)
- Added Bundle mod (equipped to bat and will pick up items for you)
- Updated a few mods to the latest versions
- Changed starting items (Now equips a Sword by default, several books, and bat items added).

Version 1.5d
- Updated all mods to the latest versions
- Added Lithium

Version 1.5c
- Updated to 1.18.1 (Fabric 0.12.11)
- Lithium will be added when available.

Version 1.5b
- Updated Fabric to version 0.12.9
- Added Starlight
- Added Fabrishot

Version 1.5a
- Added Loading Screen
- Fixed Resource Pack Background
- Fixed REI options

Version 1.5
- Update takes it to 1.18!
- Major Overhaul, built from the ground up.
- New Main Menu screen
- Added Terralith 2.0
- Added Rainbow XP Bar
- Added Connected Textures and Glass
- Added Better Grass
- Added Custom Skybox
- Added Custom Capes and Ears - Visit https://minecraftcapes.net
- Added more Origins
- Added Guild Quest Mod
- Added Boss Mod
- Removed Prismarine Shaders. You can add your own shaders from the Customization section on CurseForge.

Upcoming changes to be done in future releases:-
- Mod updates when they become updated.

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