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Top 20 Fabric Performance FPS Boost Mods 1.18.2


We take a look at the Top 20 Fabric Performance FPS Boost Mods on Minecraft Java 1.18.2. These can help improve your game's performance. View full article for more information.

Video source:

First of all make sure you are running the latest version of Fabric with Fabric API.

You should then get Mod Menu so that you can configure some of the mods' settings. Grab it Here

Next start by getting the mods as shown in the above video link.

1. Sodium - Here
2. Sodium Extra - Here (adds more sodium options similar to OptiFine)
(recommended) Reese's Sodium Options - Here (makes the layout more neater for Sodium and Sodium Extra)
3. Alternate Current - Here
4. Better Biome Blend - Here
5. Clumps - Here
6. Cull Leaves - Here
7. Dark Loading Screen - Here (remember to change the options to '0' for the Fade in and out options as shown in above video link)
8. Ksyxis - Here (if this mod is causing any in-game performance issues for you then disable it)
9. LazyDFU - Here
10. Lithium - Here
11. Starlight - Here
12. Dynamic FPS - Here
13. Entity Culling - Here
14. FastChest - Here
15. FerriteCore - Here
16. Krypton - Here
17. Smoke Suppression - Here
18. Very Many Players - Here
19. Lazy Language Loader - Here
20. Better Beds - Here (get the Better Bed resourcepacks from Here)

Get the FPS Winter Stress Test Map from Here (copy the folder to your saves folder, change all settings to the max as shown in the video to test performance in your game with vanilla game and with the mods)

(Experimental) You can also get the C2ME Mod which improves chunk performance in Minecraft. As this is still in Alpha stage, it was not included in the list but you can get the latest version from Here

At this point your pack should be complete and you should be getting much better performance.

You can measure your FPS by either enabling the FPS counter in the Sodium Extra mod's settings or grab Fraps or MSI Afterburner apps from Here

You can swap Starlight with Phosphor if you want, grab Phosphor from Here

I would recommend you get the CurseForge client (view full tutorial Here)  and then get the Boosted FPS modpack! it will have even more performance and QoL mods in the pack and cool loading screen.

Grab the Boosted FPS pack from Here (below screenshot from Boosted FPS loading screen)

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