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PS3 Super Slim Review

With the PS4 being in the current spotlight, the buzz around the PS3 has quietened down, but that doesn't stop its Super Slim (4000) model from being reviewed.

The first model of the PS3 (Phat) was quite a heavy console with a full glossy look. As it was the first console not much could be said about it apart from the fact that it was quite big compared to the previous generation's PS2 console. The PS3 Phat used a disc slider system for inserting and ejecting its discs.

Later a second model was released known as the PS3 Slim (3000). The Slim went on to be quite a popular console in terms of layout and functionality (no more YLOD). The PS3 Slim was released with various HDDs (120gb, 160gb, 250gb, 320gb), with the last model having the 320gb capacity. The PS3 Slim also used a disc slider system.

Then Sony announced its latest model of the PS3 family which was the PS3 Super Slim. At first glance the console itself as the name suggests is very slim. The over design of the console feels slightly on the cheaper side when comparing it to the PS3 Slim. The console has changed the way discs are loaded onto it. It now uses a top loading system when the top cover (feels like a piece of flimsy plastic) sliders to the left and users can put the disc on the drive itself. This system is reminiscent to the PS1 model. It is also to be noted that when the top cover is opened the laser is exposed, meaning if you have a habit of touching things then it is best to take careful measures to avoid touching the laser.

Another problem that we noticed was with the 2 USB slots at the front. As it is advisable to lay the console horizontally (we will get to this point later on) the top section of the console overhangs so it is also a hassle to try and sneak the USB cable or drive into that area.

The Super Slim, having a top loader disc system makes it difficult for us to stand it on its side. The PS3 Slim had no issue as it had a disc slider which was fairly easy to deal with disc changes but for the Super Slim that is not the case. When placed horizontally you can press the eject button and the top cover with slide across to the left in a smooth way. You can (if you are in a hurry) also just push the cover manually. Note that after inserting or removing a disc, you will have to manually close the cover once opened. This is relatively acceptable and easy to do (minus the touching of the laser). However, laying the console vertically starts to create problems. Firstly the console is too slim to lay secure upwards. You can buy a special stand for it that looks like a black CD with a screw attached to it but in our opinion is not worth it. If you are placing it vertically then changing discs creates another problem. You will have to first have a lot of room to change the disc from the side of the console, then secondly have patience and steady hands when placing the disc sideways onto the laster area. With these things in mind it is ultimately advisable to place the console horizontally.

When it comes to hard drive space, the PS3 Super Slim is very generous as it gives us a nice 500gb of storage space. It also comes with a 12gb model but if you are going to be buying and playing a lot of games then it is not worth it in the long run.

Overall the Super Slim is a decent console (minus all the minor difficulties) and is worth getting if you have not yet picked up a PS3 console. If you already own a PS3 Slim then in our opinion there is no point in upgrading to the Super Slim. If you own a PS3 Phat and are thinking of upgrading then we recommend you try and get the PS3 Slim instead.

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