Wii U October Update - Wii on a Gamepad

Looks like our dream of being able to play Wii games on the Wii U gamepad might become reality after all. But wait...there is a twist...

Our initial post  - http://www.gamerpotion.com/2013/09/how-wii-u-could-do-better.html - stated how the Wii U could improve (read it incase you already havent).

With the 4.0 update that just got released on the Wii U console, we are now able to play Wii games on the gamepad's screen, but we still need to use a wiimote and nunchuk to control things (damn). This can be good if you want to play games in bed or in the toilet (if thats your thing) and want to control things using a classic controller but it still doesnt give us what we originally wanted. At least it is a start from Nintendo.

Now we are a step closer to being able to play Wii games on the gamepad.

We can continue our dreaming of how the gamepad can be used to fully control Wii games...

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