NewPersonal WordPress Theme

A simple and light WordPress theme. Perfect for personal blogs or development sites. Created with ‘personal’ sites in mind, now you can have your very own personal styled blog. NewPersonal uses NewTek theme as a base.
Theme Features
  1. Light design with a simplistic layout.
  2. Featured image – 950 x 534 large image. Great for photos or screenshots.
  3. Custom Logo option – Theme supports the upload of a custom logo to replace the default logo. Recommended dimensions are 80 x 80. The logo can also be removed to just show the site title text.
  4. Custom Font – Thanks to the availability of free fonts, this theme features a neat custom font for all the text.
  5. Single post widgets – Add widgets to the right sidebar in single post views.
  6. Footer widgets – Add 3 sets of widgets at the bottom of the page.
  7. Return to top link in the footer.
[Update] Theme is now up on