Minecraft - Crafting Guide (Free from Minecraft website)

Did you know that you can actually view and download a free crafting guide from Minecraft's official website! That's right, on their website they have a crafting guide that is so very useful to use, especially if you are starting out in the game and need to know how to craft stuff.




Some examples of the things you can see in the guide can be shown below:-

Its just so useful to have! if you use dual monitors then you can basically have the guide open in one monitor and play on the other or even print it out.

First of all if you are starting out in the game take a look at Minecraft's main website at - https://www.minecraft.net/en-us/article/how-minecraft

As you can see the PDF file is actually uploaded to Minecraft's official education site.

The actual creator of the guide have their own website which can also be found at - https://www.minecraftcraftingguide.net/

In my opinion this is a very good starting point to make sense of all the things you can make in the game. So why not check out this guide and enjoy Minecraft!