Top 5 Best FPS Performance Mods on Fabric 1.18.1


These are the 5 top best FPS boosting performance mods on Fabric to use with Minecraft Java 1.18.1. Read full article to see the mods!

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To begin with, get Mod Menu for Fabric so you can have a MODS button in your game. Get it Here

  • Sodium - Check it out Here
  • Sodium Extra - Check it out Here
  • Check out This mod to make the Sodium Extra layout look more presentable in your options screen.
  • Lithium - Check it out Here
  • Starlight - Check it out Here
  • FerriteCore - Check it out Here
These are just 5 mods. Why not get the entire collection of Fabric Performance mods for the ultimate FPS boosting package!  Check out my Boosted FPS Modpack today -