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Fabric Skins Mod for 1.18.1 (also Fix Minecraft Skins Not Loading/Working)


If you want to get and change Minecraft skins in your game or if you have Minecraft Skins not working or loading in game, then try this cool Fabric Skins Mod for 1.18.1. Read full article to see how to.

Video Source -

Grab Mod Menu to configure the mod from Here

Then check out the Skin Swapper Mod from Here

Now you want to go to the following sites to grab a few Minecraft Skins (png files)


Once you have got your skins and installed the mod. You then want to go to your .minecraft directory, and create a new folder inside it called 'skins'. Then put all your skin files inside the folder.

You can then go inside your game and change your skins and use other user skins too!

To make your own skin, then check out my video tutorial Here

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