Thursday 6 January 2022

Gamerpotion's FPS Stress Test Map


Use this FPS stress test world to get a FPS & lag spike value of Minecraft on your system. View the full article to see how to set everything up.

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First of all, download the map from HERE. Then read below to see how to set everything up.
Also download FRAPS or MSI Afterburner. For more info on these apps and how to check the FPS properly in Minecraft, then read this article I wrote.

Minecraft does not have its own benchmarking utility in-game, so by using this fps test world we can compare FPS with each other and compare mods, resource packs and modpacks to see what gives us the most FPS.

This is also good to test 2 system out with for example you can run an FPS test on your system and see how it compares with your friend's hardware.

I would recommend testing your base vanilla game's FPS first, then using performance mods like Sodium or OptiFine and see how much of a boost they can give you.

After you have downloaded the file. Open it up with any Zip application like Winzip or Winrar.

Drag the FPS Test folder into your .minecraft director's Saves folder

If you go inside the folder again, there should be a bunch of folders and files so you you will know the process has been done correctly.

Launch Minecraft, then make sure your video settings have been set to the Maximum. Vsync set to OFF and Max Framerate set to UNLIMITED.  Also make sure your FOV is set to the maximum (Quake Pro)

Making sure you have got FRAPS or MSI Afterburner installed and running,  log into the game and go into Single player. You should see the map loaded in there now, so click on it and load it up.

Once you are in the world, you should automatically be in the cart on the rails. If you exit it by accident, then just right click onto it again to enter it. If you destroy it, then just place a cart in creative mode onto the rails, sit inside it and press forward to push it onto the detectors to push it across.

Enable your FPS counter to measure your FPS levels.

Then press ALT + F3 to bring up the console with lag spike chart. Monitor your spikes in red.

Compare the results with different mods and modpacks to see which gives you the best performance.

Any queries then leave a comment in the YouTube Video's comment section

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