Top 5 Best Fabric HUD Mods for 1.18.1


Check out these cool Fabric HUD mods to improve your hud with lots of features! View full article to see more.

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First get Mod Menu mod as you need that to configure some of the mod options. Get it Here

  • KronHud - Here  (required dependency mod for KronHud from Here)
  • HudTweaks - Here
  • Inventory HUD Plus - Here
  • Compass Ribbon - Here
  • Boat HUD - Here
Most of the HUD mods are also featured in the Best PVP Modpack for 1.18.1, grab that Here

Want a RPG modpack with RPG type HUD? Check out the DarkRPG modpack for 1.18.1 today! With more than 25000 downloads, grab it Here