Friday 4 February 2022

The Wild Update 1.19 Mod for 1.18.1 with Warden Gameplay

 Interested in trying out frogs and the Warden gameplay from The Wild Update 1.19, then check out this mod today for 1.18.1. View full article to see more!

Video Source:

First make sure you have got Fabric Installed with Fabric API. Then make sure you have got Mod Menu installed. Grab it from Here

Then grab the Wild Update Mod 1.19 for 1.18.1 from Here

Recommended mods to use are:-

  • Sodium - Here
  • Iris Shaders - Here
  • Sildurs Vibrant Shaders - Here
  • WTHIT (to see what block/items you are looking at) - Here
(Avoid using texture packs as they will alter the Warden's sound wave animations)

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