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A new hotfix has been added to DarkRPG. View full article for more information.

To download for CurseForge client go here -
or Search for 'DarkRPG' in the CurseForge client search box

To download for MultiMC or other launchers go here -

For Server Pack users - run the Start.bat file if running on local host. You can get the Server Pack for 2.0a1 from here -

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Version 2.0a1
- Hotfix: This fixes a major issue with the Phantom origin suffocating while going through objects. (Thank you razdarkers for pointing this out).

Version 2.0a
- Updated all mods to latest versions
- Fixed invisible wolves (removed better dogs pack)
- Added Better Beds resource pack (we have 3D pillows now, yay!)
- Fixed quest items and spellings (remember to press [i] or view quest book for quests)
- Quests: You can now gain 2x Orb of Origins. First one is in the easy quest chain. Second is in the Extra Quests chain. The orb can be used to change your origin and classes in-game.

Version 2.0
- Major Update
- Updated All mods to latest versions
- Updated Fabric version to latest
- Revamped the Questing system. Open the Quest Book or Press i to open the quests page. Choose from the left side menu for different quest categories(easy, hard, etc). Click into each quest icon to view its requirements. Once a quest is complete, you can click its icon for the rewards or use the right-hand-side icon to grab multiple rewards.
- New Quests will be added later in major updates.

Version 1.9
- Non public-release version
- Started work on adding quests
- Added Vampire quest chain

Version 1.8
- Updated Fabric to latest version
- Updated All mods to their latest versions
- Tweaked crosshair
- Tweaked Minimap to make it feel more RPG-like. Press Y to configure.
- Fixed keybind conflicts (G: Origins Ability, CTRL+G: Origins Second Ability, O: View your Origin & Class) View keybinds in menu section for more details.

Version 1.7e
- Added Villager Names (see screenshots in Images section)
- Spawn point set to Villages. You will now always spawn inside or near a village in a new game
- Worlds will generate much quicker now
- Tweaked Crosshair
- Tweaked REI menu and made it much neater

Version 1.7d
- Updated all mods to the latest versions
- Switched to Dramatic Skybox (previously Real Skybox). User experience will feel more immersive now

Version 1.7c
- Updated all mods to the latest versions
- Applied fixes
- Tweaked Crosshair (Press [ ` ] or [~] Key to customize)
- Added Boat Hud

Version 1.7b
- Updated all mods to the latest versions
- Added more animals mods
- Added advancement mods
- Added some QoL mods
- Added new classes
- REI will now show weather & gamemode toggles

Version 1.7a
- Added Animals mod
- Starter gear now includes a bow and arrows
- Swapped Coral blade with a Katana.
- Added backpacks. Open as normal and store items into it.

Version 1.7
- Updated all mods to their latest versions
- Added Vampire origin, choose vampire on a new playthrough (shift+right click to siphon from enemies).
- Added Magic Wands mods.
- Changed starter weapons. The Hawkbrand is no longer usable from start. Instead, you will get a magic wand, an empty mana flask, and a Magic spellbook. The rest of the spellbooks will have to be discovered as you play. Read the book to learn the spell and fill the flask by sneaking with the flask. Perform the spells with the wand to attack. Coral Blade is also included in the inventory to balance the game. You can swap between Coral Blade and Wand to have a battle mage playstyle (or craft your own weapons).
- LambBetterGrass mod was removed as it was not compatible with the latest version of Fabric.

Version 1.6a
- Added Friends&Foes Mod
- Updated Iris Shaders to latest version
- Updated Awesome Dungeon for oceans mod.

Version 1.6
- Updated few more mods to newer versions
- Added Awesome Dungeon mod
- Added Awesome Dungeon for oceans mod
- Added Target Dummy mod
- Switched OK Zoomer to WI Zoom (Press V to zoom)
- Added Menus Blur mod
- Added Discord mod
- Added Client Tweak mod
- Added 3rd Person Crosshair (you can now play in 3rd person and have a crosshair showing)
- Added Mythic Mounts mod

Version 1.5f
- Updated BCLib to fix Nether issues (Thank you ChrisClark13 for pointing this out!)
- Updated Better Nether mod
- Updated few more mods to their latest versions.

Version 1.5e
- Added Companion Bats (equip from action bar, Shift+click on bat in action bar to see its details)
- Added Bundle mod (equipped to bat and will pick up items for you)
- Updated a few mods to the latest versions
- Changed starting items (Now equips a Sword by default, several books, and bat items added).

Version 1.5d
- Updated all mods to the latest versions
- Added Lithium

Version 1.5c
- Updated to 1.18.1 (Fabric 0.12.11)
- Lithium will be added when available.

Version 1.5b
- Updated Fabric to version 0.12.9
- Added Starlight
- Added Fabrishot

Version 1.5a
- Added Loading Screen
- Fixed Resource Pack Background
- Fixed REI options

Version 1.5
- Update takes it to 1.18!
- Major Overhaul, built from the ground up.
- New Main Menu screen
- Added Terralith 2.0
- Added Rainbow XP Bar
- Added Connected Textures and Glass
- Added Better Grass
- Added Custom Skybox
- Added Custom Capes and Ears - Visit
- Added more Origins
- Added Guild Quest Mod
- Added Boss Mod
- Removed Prismarine Shaders. You can add your own shaders from the Customization section on CurseForge.

Upcoming changes to be done in future releases:-
- Mod updates when they become updated.

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