Wednesday 23 March 2022

[Update] Best PVP Modpack for Hypixel 1.18.2


Best PVP Modpack for Hypixel 1.18.2. New update now includes modpack for 1.18.2. View full article for more information.

Video source: coming soon...

The Best PVP Modpack has been updated to now included 1.18.2 mods.

If you are on CurseForge, check it out Here

To download for other launchers, go Here

If you want the 1.8.9 version then go Here


Version 0.1c
- Hotfix
- Updated Iris Shaders

Version 0.1b
- Added Cosmetics mod - use Offline mode to enable wings and more cosmetics.
- Added zoom mod (press C)
- Updated all mods to latest version
- Tidied up widgets

Version 0.1a
- Removed Essential mod as it was causing error. Will wait for 1.18.2 version

Version 0.1
- Changed version number to avoid confusion
- Added most of the 1.18.1 mods into 1.18.2
- GUI scale is now x2 instead of x4
- Replaced Fabric capes with Cosmetica mod.
- Essential mod is still included
- Press Right-Shift to configure widgets
- Shader support is included
- Phosphor remains instead of Starlight
- More QoL mods were added, see Mods menu in game.

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