How To Get Connected Textures & Glass Minecraft 1.18.2 Fabric Forge 2 Methods!


We take a look at Connected Glass and Textures on Minecraft Java 1.18.2 and how to get everything set up. View full article to see more information.

Video source:

This will allow you to enable connected glass and textures in your Minecraft Java game on version 1.18.2

Method #1 - Sodium / Iris / Fabric

First of all get Mod Menu for fabric so you can see your installed mods and configure them. Grab it Here

Then you can start getting the mods as shown in the video

Sodium - Here
(optional) Sodium Extra - Here
(optional) Iris Shaders - Here

Continuity - Here   (enable the resource packs as shown in the video)
Indium - Here (required if using Sodium)
Clear Glass Resource Pack - Here

Method #2 - OptiFine / Fabric or Forge

You can use OptiFine with Forge as normal, simply drop the OptiFine JAR file inside the mods folder and run it on Forge


Get Forge - Here
Get OptiFine - Here


Mod Menu - Here
Get OptiFabric - Here (make sure you have OptiFine in the mods folder as well)
Get OptiFine - Here
Clear Glass Resource Pack - Here

For both methods, I would recommend using shaders to make your game look even nicer. 
Get the following shaders:

Complementary Shaders - Here
Sildur's Vibrant Shaders - Here
Prismarine Shaders - Here