Tuesday 26 April 2022

Iris Shaders & Sodium VS OptiFine (Fabric VS Forge) FPS 2022 on Minecraft 1.18.2


Iris Shaders, Sodium & OptiFine are now available for Fabric and Forge. View full article for more information.

Video source: https://youtu.be/Dyf4OMucQRg

We can finally use Iris Shaders, Sodium, OptiFine on both mod loaders - Fabric and Forge on Minecraft 1.18.2. Personally I would use Iris & Sodium on Fabric and OptiFine you can use on both but see below for more information on where to get those.


Get Mod Menu for Fabric so you can configure your mods. Grab it Here

Iris Shaders - Here
Sodium - Here

OptiFabric - Here  (you will need to put the OptiFine Jar file inside the mods folder for OptiFabric to work correctly)
OptiFine - Here

Note: You cannot use OptiFabric/OptiFine with Sodium/Iris, choose either/or for the two of them.


Rubidium (Sodium) - Here
Oculus (Iris Shaders) - Here

OptiFine - Here (with Forge, you can place the OptiFine jar file directly inside the mods folder)
Tested with Forge version 40.1.0 and is working fine.

Note: You cannot use OptiFine with Sodium/Iris (Rubidium/Oculus), choose either/or for the two of them.

To display the FPS on both mod loaders, I used FPS Reducer mod and enabled the hud options in the config section. Grab it Here

Get some shaders to use with OptiFine or Iris

Sildurs Vibrant Shaders - Here

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