Tuesday 19 April 2022

Minecraft Java 1.18.2 Top 5 Best Fabric & Forge FPS Performance Mods Boost Your FPS!


We look at the Best Fabric & Forge FPS Boost Performance Mods on Minecraft 1.18.2. View full article for more information.

Video source: https://youtu.be/K6ACzu18rms

Here are the Top 5 Best Performance Mods for Fabric & Forge.


First of all get Mod Menu so you can configure some of the mods. Grab it Here

OptiFabric - Here
OptiFine - Here

If OptiFabric and OptiFine are not working well, then try the below mods:
(Note some of the below mods may conflict with OptiFine)

Sodium - Here
Sodium Extra - Here
Lithium - Here
Starlight - Here
FerriteCore - Here

(Optional) FPS Reducer - Here (enable the hud option to show fps counter)


Tested on This version of Forge

OptiFine - Here (you can simply drop the mod file in the mods folder and it should work)

If OptiFine doesnt give good performance then try the below mods.
(Note some of the below mods may conflict with OptiFine)

Rubidium (Sodium fork) - Here
Starlight - Here
FerriteCore - Here
Better Biome Blend - Here
Clumps - Here

Boosted FPS Modpack

I would recommend you get the Boosted FPS modpack for the ultimate performance pack!

Fabric 1.16.5 - Here
Fabric 1.17.1 - Here
Fabric 1.18.2 - Here

Forge 1.12.2 - Here
Forge 1.18.2 - Here

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