OptiFabric 1.18.2 (OptiFine & Fabric) Minecraft 1.18.2 Now Released

We can now get OptiFabric for Minecraft Java 1.18.2! View full article for more information.Video Source: https://youtu.be/CWfl4oS5zOE

First of all make sure you have Fabric and Fabric API installed for 1.18.2

Then you can get Mod Menu as well. Grab it Here

Then you can get OptiFabric mod for Fabric from Here

If you launch the game without OptiFine and only OptiFabric, it will show a message like this:-

This means you need OptiFine in the Mods folder as well

Get This version of OptiFine which I tested with and put it inside the mods folder alongside OptiFabric for 1.18.2

You can then launch the game and check video settings to see a Shaders button and OptiFine written on lower left corner.

Additional things to get as shown in above video link:-

Kappa Shaders - Here

Xaero's Minimap - Here

Xaero's World Map - Here

REI Mod - Here

Also check out Patrix 32x Texture Pack to use with Kappa - Here

Any issues? post them in the comment section of above video link.