OptiFabric (OptiFine) VS Sodium & Iris Shaders Fabric Minecraft 1.18.2


Take a look at OptiFabric (OptiFine) VS Sodium & Iris Shaders Fabric Minecraft 1.18.2. View full article for more information.

Video Source: https://youtu.be/whV3KlvY6ZA

First of all make sure you are using the most up to date version of Fabric and Fabric API.

You will then need Mod Menu to configure some of the mods. Grab it Here

Next you will want to get the mods as shown in above video link

OptiFabric - Here
To get OptiFabric to work properly you also need OptiFine JAR file placed inside the mods folder. Get OptiFine from Here and place it inside the mods folder alongside the OptiFabric JAR file.

Note: OptiFabric is not compatible with Sodium. You must use either of the mods but not together.

Sodium - Here
(Optional) Sodium Extra - Here
Iris Shaders - Here

(Optional) FPS Reducer - Here  (make sure to get the Fabric version)

Complementary Shaders - Here