Monday 4 April 2022

[Update] Best PVP (Hypixel) Modpack 1.12.2 Version (Now Available!)


The Best PVP (Hypixel) modpack is now available for version 1.12.2. View article for more information.

The 1.12.2 version of Best PVP modpack features similar mods to the 1.8.9 release but has additional things such as PVP based texture pack and more performance mods. It is the perfect blend between performance and PVP!

You can get the Best PVP modpack for version 1.12.2 from Here (Click the correct version in the Files section)

This pack also features version 1.8.9 and 1.18.2. CurseForge or MultiMC clients are recommended.

Installed Mod:-
Version 0.1
- Initial Release

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