How To Manually Install DarkRPG Modpack


In this guide I will show you how to install the DarkRPG Modpack manually. View full article to see how to.

This guide is for users who are unable to install DarkRPG on their custom launchers or are getting errors when importing the modpack zip files.

First go to the DarkRPG modpack CurseForge page -

Click on Files then click into the latest Zip file to generate the Download button and download the zip file

Now do the same thing for the server pack file as well (Note the server pack will be a big file approx 150mb and will contain all the mods)

You should now have 2 files in your download folder

Now open up your favourite Custom Launcher.

We are going to use PolyMC in this example but the process should be the same for most launchers

Create a new instance, select Fabric, select the version of the modpack you want to install. In this example it is version 0.13.3 of Fabric and Minecraft version 1.18.1. Click on OK

Next you will want to open up the Minecraft folder of the instance

Now Open up the DarkRPG modpack zip file, click into "overrides" then drag ALL the contents into the Minecraft folder

Now open up the DarkRPG serverpack zip file. Drag the MODS folder into the Minecraft folder

Your Minecraft folder should look something like this with these folders inside:-

You can now close this window down.

Go back to your Launcher and double click the instance icon to launch. You may wish to rename this to DarkRPG as well and give it a custom icon if the launcher allows you.

Next Run the instance and your game should open with the DarkRPG modpack ready to play.

Note: You will have to do these steps for any modpack updates that you download in the future.