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[Update] Biomes and Dungeons Modpack (BAD)

Biomes and Dungeons (BAD) Modpack has just been updated! View full article to see more information.

The Biomes and Dungeons (BAD) Modpack is a pack featuring all the essential mods you will need to start playing modded Minecraft.


Version 1.1.1
- Updated all mods to latest versions
- Updated Fabric to latest version
- Updated Quests to fix Loot rewards
- Added Majo's Broom mod - this is now included with starter gear. If you already have a save file then buy it from the Gear shop in The Xchange quest section

Version 1.1d
- Added several more Serilum mods
- Added stacking mod so items can stack and not fill up inventory
- Added extra origins
- Updated Fabric and mods to their latest versions

Version 1.1c1
- Fixed Quest chains for missing items
- Fixed loading screen

Version 1.1c
- Added more Serilum mods
- Fixed inventory potion effects
- Added crops
- Removed valley mod due to crashes

Version 1.1b1
- Fixed Store quest rewards for diamonds
- Change store name to The Xchange

Version 1.1b
- Added major Serilum QoL mods
- Added most of Fuzs_ mods
- Added Mounts
- Added MC Dungeon weapons and armor
- Tweaked shader settings (disable or reset them if you dont like it)
- Tweaked Tree chopper mod settings

Version 1.1a
- Fixed Title screen resolution issue
- Added diamond shop and economy mods
- Fixed video settings
- Added a Biomes mod

Version 1.1
- Added Quests (imported some quests from my DarkRPG modpack)
- Added Origins
- Added Icarus Wings Mod
- Added more QoL mods

Version 1.0e
- Updated to 1.18.2
- Added main menu background (thanks Hakiem)

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