DarkRPG Fabric Server Banned Items

 Here is the list of items currently banned on the DarkRPG Fabric Official Server:-

  • Banglum Shovel
  • Withered Wabbajack
  • Chaos Robes
  • Banglum Pickaxe
  • Frostfall
  • Nuke items
  • Comet Spear
  • Soul Pyre
  • Oneshotium Sword
  • End Poral Frame Crafting recipe
  • Beacon
  • Broken Watch
  • Displacement Tome 
  • Hardening Catalyst
  • Infernal Scepter
  • Dragonslayer Swordspear
  • Soul Reaper
  • Mjolnir
One of the primary reasons for these items being banned is due to bypassing server claims or allowing griefing on the server as well as some times found to be causing severe lag.

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