Thursday 3 August 2023

How To Run Server Pack Files for DarkRPG (and other modpacks)

With the recent malware situation on CurseForge and other mod hosting websites, the serverpack files are now subject to a thorough scan to see if any malware is present in them. This means it takes longer for a server pack to release and some times can be rejected by the website's malware checking system. View full article on how to install the new DarkRPG server packs on your system.

First download the server pack from the CurseForge website. It will usually be found in the Files section of the modpack on CurseForge. On CurseForge click into the file and you will see a section called "Additional Files" at the bottom. The server pack will be available to download from here. If you do not see this then it means the file is still being approved on CurseForge

After downloading the server pack zip file. Extract it to your desktop or any other directory. 

You will then need to make sure Power Shell is enabled on your PC.

To do this, go to Start and and in the search bar start to type "PowerShell"

You then need to Right-Click on Windows PowerShell and select "Run as Administrator"

It should load up a powershell window that looks like a dos window (black or blue background depending on OS). In there you need to type the following:-

Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned

Then press ENTER

It will ask you for a policy change. Type Y and click Enter again

You should see something like "PS C:\Windows\system32>"

You can then close this window.

Now go to the folder where you extracted the Server Pack and you should see the following files

Right-Click on start.ps1 and select "Run with Powershell"

It will then run the script for the server which should look like another dos box (black or blue background depending on OS)

In between it will also ask you to accept the EULA for Mojang so just type "I agree" as instructed.

You can tell the script is finished and loaded the server once you are able to see a "Done" line.

You can now load your modpack, from the main menu in game click on MMO then add a link to the localhost server by either using the IP  'localhost'  or  ''

You now also have the option to upload all of the server files to your online server host so people can connect to your server from all over the world.

(If the above PowerShell method is not working for you for any reason, then simply join the GamerPotion Discord, head over to the #files section and download the server pack additional files pack which uses the start.bat file via cmd prompt)

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