Friday 7 June 2024

How to add OptiFine to Boosted FPS Forge Edition Modpack


This guide will show you how to add OptiFine to your Boosted FPS Forge modpack installation.

First make sure you have the correct version of Boosted FPS Forge - Boosted FPS [FORGE] Performance Mods - Minecraft Modpacks - CurseForge  (use the CurseForge app and search for boosted fps)

Note: Below method is recommended for version 1.1.5 and onwards of the modpack.

Click into the modpack icon after it has installed (not play but the actual icon)

Click the 3 dots and select Profile Options

Tick the Allow content management option for the profile

Go to the Mods section and disable the following mods (Embeddium, Embeddium Extra, Oculus)

Download Optifine from this location 

OptiFine Download

Click on the 3 dots again and select Open Folder 

Go inside the mods folder

Place the OptiFine Jar file inside this folder 

You can now close all folders and launch the modpack as normal and it should have OptiFine load up for you in the video settings

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