How To Get Boosted FPS Modpack (Increase Your FPS Today!)


Boosted FPS is a modpack created by GamerPotion that contains a lot of performance based mods for Fabric in Minecraft. Lets see how to install it. View full article for more information.

Video source:

The easiest way to get Boosted FPS modpack is through the CurseForge client. Get the CurseForge app from Here

Then just search for 'gamerpotion' or 'boosted fps' and download the modpack as shown in above video link.

If you dont want to do that and watch to use Boosted FPS modpack with another client for example MultiMC or GDLauncher, then get the Boosted FPS modpack zip file from here -  (click into the file link twice to generate a download link)  You can then 'import' the modpack zip file into another client.

To use Boosted FPS modpack with your default vanilla Minecraft Launcher client, then simple watch this video -  You will then be able to use the standard launcher and play this modpack.

To read more information about the Boosted FPS modpack go Here

Any further questions, ask them on the comments section of the main video above.