Sunday 27 February 2022

How To Get Connected Textures & Glass on Fabric 1.18.1


If you have Fabric and Sodium installed and are looking to get connected glass and textures on 1.18.1 then check this out. View full article to view more!

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By using these mods you will be able to get OptiFine type features like connected glass and textures in your Fabric game. This will work alongside Sodium and Iris Shaders as well.

First of all get Mod Menu so you can configure the mods. Grab it from Here

Get the Continuity Mod from Here (make sure to enable the texture packs and place them at the top as shown in the video)

For clear glass you can try the Hysteria Texture pack from Here

I would also recommend you get Sodium to boost your game. Get it from Here
To make sodium work with Continuity you also need Indium mod. Grab it from Here

If you want emissive ores then you can get Iris Shaders from Here
Then use Complementary Shaders as that includes glowing ores. Get the shaders from Here

If you want 3D Ores texture pack then get it from Here

To avoid having to install the mods individually, I would recommend you get the OpalFab modpack which contains a lot of OptiFine alternatives on Fabric. Get the OpalFab mod pack from Here or click the below banner.

Any questions then just post a comment in the above YouTube video's comment section.

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