Fabric RPG Hud Mod for Minecraft Java 1.18.2


We look at the Fabric RPG Hud Mod for Minecraft Java 1.18.2. View full article to see more.

This RPG hud mod combined with a nice looking texture resource pack can give you that RPG type feeling within the Minecraft game. Watch the video for a better example.

This RPG hud mod has a lot of customisation options. You can change the layout and individual settings as well. You can scroll through  different profiles too such as Vanilla or Texture or Modern.

First of all get Mod Menu mod to be able to configure the mod. Grab it Here

Get the RPG Hud mod on Fabric for 1.18.2 from Here

Get the Clarity Texture Pack (shown in video) from Here

Also check out the Faithful HD x512 texture resource pack from Here

Also get the Tiny PVP Swords and Tools pack from Here