OpalFab (OptiFine Alternatives) Modpack Update for 1.19


OpalFab (OptiFine Alternatives) Modpack Update for 1.19. View full article to see more information.

Video source: https://youtu.be/tasH9n_hhKQ

This update (1.4) adds compatibility for 1.19 of Minecraft Java. Most of the mods have been updated to the latest versions.

Download the OpalFab Modpack from - https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/opalfab-optifine-alternatives-on-fabric

Download example skins to test out the emissive skin feature from Here

If you want Emissive glowing ores then just get the Complementary shaders from Here and apply it in your game. The default profile should include glowing ores by default. (Make sure to disable the custom skybox in resourcepack section when using shaders)

Any issues/comments - post them in the YouTube comment section of above video link.


Version 1.0.5

- Updated to 1.19.4

- Updated all mods to latest versions

Version 1.0.4

- Updated Fabric to 0.14.10

- Updated all mods to latest version

- Updated Sildurs Vibrant Shaders

- Swapped Zoomify with Logical Zoom

- Swapped Cull Less Leaves with Cull Leaves

- Added Entity Culling

Version 1.0.3

- Updated all mods to latest versions

- Fixed shadow settings

- Added Sildurs Shaders to the pack

Version 1.0.2

- Updated capes settings to include all cape types.

- Updated all mods to latest version

Version 1.0.1

- Updated all mods to latest version

- Applied OptiFine preset to Zoomify

- Added Emissive texture pack - enabled by default

- Added Server Pack

Version 1.0.0

- Changed version number formatting to match Firefox style version numbers

- Updated modpack to 1.19.2

- Added custom menu and loading screen.

- Cleaned up config data

Version 1.4

- Updated to Minecraft 1.19

- Updated Fabric to latest version

- Updated all versions to latest

- Added FerriteCore

- Updated FabricSkyBoxes - ViceSky pack is included

- Tweaked video settings for better performance from the get-go

Version 1.3b

- Updated all mods to latest versions

- Updated Fabric to latest version

- Changed zoom mod to Zoomify

- Added Entity Texture Features

- Added Chime

- Added CEM

- Better tweaks for improved performance

Version 1.3a

- Updated all mods to latest versions

- Changed zoom mod from WI Zoom to Logical Zoom. Use the C key now to zoom (similar to OptiFine)

Version 1.3

- Updated to 1.18.2

- Updated all mods to latest versions

- Tweaked video settings - you should see a higher fps gain now

- Added Healthcare mod (mobs now show hp percentage). Configure using /healthcare or /healthbar

- FabricSkyBoxes also updated. ViceSky pack is now included in pack.

- Added enhanced Attack Indicator

- Added Entity Texture Features

Version 1.2

- Updated All mods to latest versions

- Added additional OptiFine related mods

- Fixed issue with Indium not being updated

- Updated Menu and colours

- Changed intro fade for speedy boost

- Video settings look more like OptiFine now. Sodium settings button is on lower right corner.

- Added 3D Ores Texture pack

- Added 3D Skins

- Changed Capes mod (now you can use capes from OptiFine as well as other places)

- Added Entity Texture mod (emissive textures for entities)  (Use complementary shaders for emissive ores)