GamerPotion Modpack Update Version 1.0.8 for Minecraft 1.18.2


The GamerPotion Modpack has finally been released for Minecraft 1.18.2. View full article for more information!

This update brings a complete overhaul to the entire modpack mods list. This pack now included more than 260 mods

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Version 1.0.8b
- Updated all mods to latest versions
- Removed disabled mods
- Added Towers of the wild
- Added Cammie's combat tweaks
- Added Cammie's backpack mod
- Removed better third person mod as it was interfering with cosmetic shoulder items
- Added starter items

Version 1.0.8a
- Updated all mods to latest versions
- Added several QoL mods
- Changed minimap and worldmap to use FTBchunks mod's maps
- Updated main menu and loading screen

Version 1.0.8
- Updated all mods to latest version
- Added MC Dungeons weps and armour
- Changed starter gear
- Minimap is now on the top right and FPS counter on the top left.
- Fixed inventory hud overlap
- Changed loading screen colours

Version 1.0.7a
- Minor tweaks

Version 1.0.7
- Updated to latest version 1.18.2
- Updated to latest version of Fabric
- Added more than 200+ QoL mods
- Boosted FPS and OpalFab mods now also included in the pack
- Minimap is pvp friendly.
- Hud has been changed. Disable onehud mod if you dont like the hp bar at the bottom. This can be done in the mods menu section.