Friday 25 March 2022

How To Show & Get Keystrokes CPS Mod For Minecraft 1.18.2


Wondering how to get, show keystrokes and cps counter in Minecraft Java 1.18.2? View full article for more information.

Video source:

This mod works on the Fabric mod loader so make sure you have Fabric installed for 1.18.2

Next you need Mod Menu to configure the mod. Get it from Here

This mod has been tested on 1.18.2 and works perfectly fine. Even though current version states 1.18.1 it still works on 1.18.2

Get KronHud for 1.18.2 from Here and configure the keystrokes, cps counter and other cool widgets by pressing the Right-Shift key. By default all items will be disabled.

KronHud is included in the Best PVP (Hypixel) modpack along side other performance and QoL PVP mods! check out the Best PVP modpack today from Here

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