Thursday 17 March 2022

GamerPotion Skin Contest Giveaway - Win a Minecraft Java Account!

Design a Minecraft skin today and enter this giveaway for a chance to win the original version of Minecraft Java edition. View full article to see more information

Video source:

Follow the instructions below to enter this comp.
  1. Subscribe to the GamerPotion YouTube Channel:- 
    (This giveaway is only open to Subscribers)
    (Openly Subscribed members have a better chance of winning, check here for more details -

  2. Leave a Like on the above video link

  3. Leave a Comment in the above video link's comment section to say you are entering the competition.

  4. Design your Minecraft Skin.

    Visit  OR  OR any other Minecraft skin designing website to create your skin.

    Watch this video for a full guide on how to make your own Minecraft Skin -
Your Skin file should end up looking something like this:-

Upload this file as an attachment in an email and put your YouTube account name in the email's subject or message body when sending the email.

Submit your entries to:-

Note: All entries must be original and your own work.
Do not take skins and modify them from other sites as these will be disqualified.

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