Saturday 5 March 2022

Use OptiFine & Forge Together for 1.18.2 (OptiForge Not Needed)


We take a look at how to get OptiFine and Forge running together to play with Mods and Shaders on Minecraft 1.18.2. View full article to see more information.

Video source:

As shown in the above video link, the very first thing you need is OptiFine. Visit the official OptiFine website Here

From the changelog, make a note of the Forge version compatibility.

**If you are using the default Minecraft Launcher, visit the official Forge website Here and install Forge as normal**   For more information on how to install JAR files then visit This page.

I would recommend you get the CurseForge client from Here

Create the relevant profile for Forge based on the version that is compatible with OptiFine. Then place the OptiFine Jar file for 1.18.2 inside the mods folder as shown in the video.

The mods shown in the video are:-

  • Better Mods Button - Here
  • Config Menus - Here
  • HUD compass - Here
  • Inventory HUD - Here
  • Tiny PVP Swords & Tools (resource pack) - Here
  • SEUS PTGI HRR 3 Shaders - Here

One final thing to note:  the preview versions of OptiFine will be compatible with older version of Forge, so some mods may not work or you may need to get older versions of those mods to work with the older version of Forge. Install the mods and test them out to see if they work.

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