Top 5 Quilt Mod Loader Mods to use on Minecraft Java 1.18.2


We look into the current top 5 Quilt Mod Loader mods to use on Minecraft Java 1.18.2. View full article to see more information.

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Quilt is a new mod loader and is similar to Fabric. You can check out the below mods to try with the new Quilt Mod Loader.

First of all you need to install Quilt. Watch this video for more instructions on how to do that -

For instructions on how to install JAR files, read this -

Get the Quilt Installer here -

Get the Quilt Standard Libraries here -

You can now get the mods and place them inside the mods folder to start playing

Mod Menu -  (Recommended to configure mod settings)

Custom Splash Screen -

Iris Shaders -
Sodium -

OK Zoomer -

Loading Screen Tips -

Polydex -