Thursday 29 August 2013

Nintendo 2DS, Too Damn Sensible?

Nintendo recently announced a new handheld device. Enter the Nintendo 2DS.

Initial reactions may include "what were they thinking...!?!"  but lets give Nintendo a break and see what is really going on with this new device.

On first impressions one can argue that the 2DS looks a bit strange (compared to the previous DS models)... but for some reason I like it. Instead of making the design focused on the folding aspect which the DS and 3DS were going for, the 2DS seems to be a full no-nonsense slate of dual screen gaming. Also by the suggestive name, the 3D aspect has been stripped from the device. Then again, how many of us ever used the 3D on our 3DS consoles in the first place?

2ds 2With the curved edges the device does look like it would be a comfort to hold but until we can get our hands on it, this would just be speculation.

Nintendo also seemed to have changed a few things in the 2DS. The sleep slider has been place at the bottom right below the power button. They have also given us motion controls so playing games like Mario Kart on the 2DS would mean even having even more fun.

The only negative factor that is apparent in its design is its size. This device would lose the pocket-able desire which many of us have had for years with our DS consoles and now 3DS. Overall this new device is a welcome edition to the Nintendo portable console line up and will be interesting to see if future 3DS games would minus the 3D option altogether when they are released.

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